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Brew a Great Cup of Coffee

You do not have to be an expert barista to brew the finest coffee. It just takes a few

inexpensive tools and a few extra minutes to have great coffee that gives the enjoyment

and satisfaction of creating something with your own hands for yourself and to share with

others. Here we go:


First Things


1) Quality Beans – Asking one to name the best coffee beans is a highly subjective endeavor

at best.  However, there is one key component that is essential to the perfect coffee brew  —

freshness.  Buying freshly roasted beans is a sure way to make your coffee experience more

favorable.  Find a coffee shop or experiment with the brands at your grocery. Check the dates

on the bag. Try lots of different roasts. Soon you’ll find beans that suit your tastes whether it’s

dark, light, complex or simple.  Just make sure to buy FRESH!


2) Grind the Beans – The best is to buy whole beans, store them in an airtight container, and grind

them just before brewing.  The second option is to use the grinder at your grocery. The purpose of grinding the beans is to create a larger surface area that will release the flavor and oils to the surrounding hot water.


3) The French Press – Also known as a press pot. This simple coffee making device is said to have originated in France during the 1850's.  The press is normally a glass cylinder with a “plunger” with some sort of wire or nylon mesh that pushes the coffee grounds to the bottom, trapping them there after a few minutes of brewing. Coffee brewed in a French press tastes better for 2 reasons:


  • the coffee grounds are fully steeped and saturated at the beginning of brewing.

  • this method retains the natural oils of the coffee that are normally absorbed by the paper filter.


How to Brew Coffee with a French Press


1. Grind your beans, leaving them a bit larger and coarser than you would for drip coffee makers.  You will want approximately 1 tablespoon of grounds per cup.  Dump them into the bottom of the French press.


2. Boil your water.  You want to let it sit for a couple of minutes after boiling before adding it to the press.  Don’t fret too much about temperature, but most coffee aficionados recommend 180-200 degrees Fahrenheit.


3. Pour the hot water into the French press, slowly covering all of the coffee

grounds as you fill it up. Immediately stir the grounds to give the mixture a nice



4. Add the filter  and let the coffee steep for 4 minutes.  After the time

has passed, press the plunger down and you’re ready.  A perfect cup of coffee awaits

and you have had fun.



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