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Gasoline 101

Why cheap gasoline may be the most expensive

Gasolines with low detergent can lead to harmful deposits on intake valves and fuel injectors. Fortunately, with continuous use, Chevron with Techron helps:


  • Clean away harmful deposits

  • Protect against the formation of new deposits

  • Restore fuel economy

  • Minimize exhaust emissions

  • Enable smoother acceleration with less hesitation

  • Improve your engine's performance


At DC Oil Company we understand that saving a few cents on cheap gasoline is tempting. But when considering the loss of engine performance and the high cost of automotive repairs, quality gasoline is your best choice in the long run.


As a regular DC Oil Company customer you are assured of receiving the highest quality fuel delivered from clean storage tanks and well maintained pumping systems.


Watch the video for a fast lesson on the importance of using quality gasoline with additives that will help protect your engine.

Techron in Your Tank


Make no mistake; all gasoline is not the same. By enjoying the benefits of a cleaner engine with lower emissions and higher performance, cars love Chevron with Techron, and so should you. Learn more about the Chevron quality products available to help your car perform at its best.